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Our CSR approach is assessed based on the ISO 26000 international standard.

Specifically, we signed an agreement with ADEME in which we commit to reduce the CO2 emissions generated by our vehicles and to take the necessary steps to achieve this.

Reducing the packaging to optimise truck loading, considering the type of trucks used by our carriers, grouping goods and so on are all levers that we use to achieve this objective.

Our commitment

To the “La Rochelle Zero Carbon Region” project


The Community of Conurbations of La Rochelle (28 municipalities) launched the “La Rochelle Zero Carbon Region” project with the ambition of becoming the first coastal region to achieve carbon neutrality.

Carbon neutrality, which means not emitting more greenhouse gases than the planet can absorb, will be achieved by:

  • Reducing CO2 emissions at source
  • Developing and protecting carbon sinks capable of storing CO2

Atlantique Alimentaire is one of the partner companies of the LRZCR project, and has been involved since April 2019 when the CDA of La Rochelle applied for the national call for projects “Innovation Region”. On 13 September 2019, the Prime Minister announced that “La Rochelle Zero Carbon Region” was the winner of this call for projects.


As part of the LRZCR, ATLANTIQUE ALIMENTAIRE has decided to focus on 5 priority :



Use less energy


Reduce the company's carbon footprint


Save water and natural resources


Reduce and recover waste


Make sure all employees are involved in achieving those goals

Our commitment

to the local organic sector

Atlantique Alimentaire is a subsidiary of the agricultural cooperative group Cavac, a major player in the French organic sector.

Being a member of the Cavac cooperative gives us priority access to some organic raw materials from our local supply chains: pork, eggs, pulses, wheat, etc.

The cooperative offers farmers multi-year contracts with price guarantees to protect them and ensure quality supply over the long term.

Organic recipes with high-quality French sourcing

Capitalising on our culinary expertise and industrial knowledge of savoury tarts, filled crêpes, filled pancakes, gratins and ready-meals, we created some 10 organic recipes, produced at our La Rochelle site.

We developed a range specifically for organic channels, marketed under the Aim&Bio cooperative brand name.


A variety of mouth-watering recipes to satisfy every taste and occasion :

Aperitifs, Starters, Main meals or Snacks