Out-of-Home Catering (OHC)

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For many years, Atlantique Alimentaire has positioned itself as a recognised supplier of custom frozen food solutions for out-of-home catering in France and beyond. 


Our Food Service Customers


School meals




Take away /




Culinary expertise and R&D

Our engineers, project managers and chef pool their professional skills :

  • Creativity and innovation, culinary flair
  • Support, recommendations
  • Co-development approach, involving R&D laboratory work in the customer's presence 

Our R&D laboratory is the beating heart of the production facility and is fitted with high-performance equipment :

  • Expertise in all types of preparation methods, including Merrychef oven
  • Validation of recipes and their implementation protocol
  • Customised samples

Quality and nutrition expertise

  • Nutritional profile calculation and European Nutriscore
  • Recommendations and nutritional advice
  • Technical advice and customised support
  • Integration of regulatory changes: EGALIM law in France (Quality labels: BIO for organic / HVE for High Environmental Value, etc.)


Commercial expertise and customer-oriented culture

  • 20 years of experience in OHC, supplying commercial & institutional restaurants: school and corporate catering, bakery and pastry businesses, Major Accounts and wholesalers specialising in OHC
  • Extensive knowledge, of the different networks and customers, their needs and constraints. 
  • Vice-chairmanship mandate on the OHC commission of the French Enterprises and Entrepreneurs Federation (Fédération des Entreprises et Entrepreneurs de France - FEEF)

Packaging expertise and flexibility

Our packaging engineer lends his expertise to serve you, the customer :

  • Research and proposal of eco-responsible and recyclable solutions…
  • Improved convenience and functionality: packaging suitable for on-the-go consumption, bulk, resealable packaging, etc. 

A wide range of available packaging, suited to your needs :

  • Materials used : plastic, paper, bamboo, aluminium, etc...
  • Shapes and types : round, rectangular, square; cups, bowls, alveolar moulds, etc.​
  • Special features : conventional oven and/or microwave reheating, anti-fog coating, recycled or 100% virgin fibre, bio-based (sugar cane, or beetroot), etc. 
  • Packaging designed for institutional catering : master cartons and shrink wrap


Thanks to 20 years of experience and training in the catering industry and trade, I learned to decipher the workings of this network and to understand its characteristics by creating strong relationships with the various players who drive this market, i.e. the distributors and the major accounts.

Jérôme BONNET - Commercial Director RHF Atlantique Alimentaire

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