REAALISE approach: an update with Jérémy Bouron, QSE Manager (Quality Safety Environment)

Interview with our QSE Director Jérémy Bouron :

Can you explain to us the origin of the REAALISE approach?

In parallel with our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach, we are working on FSC or FOOD SAFETY CULTURE (= Culture of Quality and Food Safety).

 We have chosen to link these two approaches by creating REAALISE in order to give substance to all the actions we carry out both in CSR and FOOD SAFETY CULTURE.

Our actions of governance, training and deployment of our food safety management are included in this global approach called REAALISE.


 What is the benefit of REAALISE?

The main objective is not to multiply the steps taken with the teams, especially as the FSC and CSR management tools are the same (training, etc.).

Renaming an approach allows it to be personalised so that it can be more easily appropriated and to involve employees more.

For our external environment, the personalisation of our CSR + FSC approaches in REAALISE allows us to enhance the value and credibility of our actions, especially as we have REAALISE evaluated each year by an independent and recognised organisation, ECOCERT. This assessment is carried out according to the ISO 26000 reference system: the most wide-ranging international standard, understood and recognised worldwide.


Can you give us some practical examples of actions carried out within the framework of REAALISE?

Here is a non-exhaustive list of actions carried out within the framework of REAALISE:

  • The investment programme of the last few years has made it possible to improve many workstations that were difficult to handle: dust extraction at weighing stations, automated palletising centre, etc.
  • Our sauce scraps are taken back to reduce the load treated downstream of the factory: 185 tonnes/year are recovered for sending to a methanization unit instead of treatment in a water treatment plant.
  • Packaging reduction actions have been carried out: elimination of aluminium moulds from pies (-17% in weight and -20% in size), with the key result to optimising palletisation (+43% products/pallet) and therefore a reduction in the number of lorries on the roads (1 lorry out of 3).
  • Atlantique Alimentaire fulfils its obligations to employ people with disabilities; in addition, 1 ESAT takes care of the green spaces on the site, without the use of phytosanitary products.
  • A total of 93% of our purchases are made in France.
  • Atlantique Alimentaire regularly makes donations to the local charitable organisations like the food bank, the Laleu neighbourhood association…

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