Fresh salad with green lentils


salade de lentilles-photo


400g frozen cooked lentils

150g carrots

1/2 cucumber

1 shallot

1 small red onion

125 g feta

Olive oil

Lemon juice


Directions :

1- Put the lentils  in a pot of boiling water for one minute then drain. Or reheat it 2'30 to 3' in the microwave at 900W

2- Small dice 150g carrots (about 1 large carrot) and 1/2 cucumber

3- Chop the shallot and the small red oinion

4- Cut the feta into cubes

5- Mix well

6- Season with olive oil, a little lemon juice, salt and pepper

7- Add the chopped chives

8- Enjoy !

Recipe made by Lucie, R&D / EHS department